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belongs to God
all this i will preserve for the faithful

The lord will strengten your life
For if the faithful fall the faithful shall rise again

God is looking for the faithful to use,bless
are you faithful?

and now God is saying in the book of psalm that he will preserve the faithful

are you the 1 who speak well of him even in sickness?
Are you the 1 who preach the gospel?
Are you the 1 who believe and work for God with your whole heart?

What affect others is not permited to affect you

God will deliver the faithful
Bless and heal the faithful
in the midst of nothing God will strengten your heart
you will begin to function were you belong

A young man of God of 32 yrs run out of church with madness
what happenens to the members

may you not worship were your destiny will be tied down
u think God is not aware for what’s going on
u think God is not here?

be of good courage and the lord will strengten your heart
Be faithful

can God trust you with blessings?
Cam God trust you with Grace?
Can God trust you with Wealth?

A brother was blessed with 50 million naira and all of the sudden he change
with so much proudness and even stop going to church,he forgot to pay tithe and start
living ungodly life,he turns is back on God

Everyday the faithful shine
the faithful prosper
the faithful succeed

look into the word of God and hold unto it
every effort to bring you down will be wasted if you’re faithful
What exactly is in your heart?
psalm 34:4
i sort the lord and he helped me and also deliver me from all my fears
What is pursuing your enemies is not pursuing you because the Lord has preserve your life
stay faithful

Jesus came to deliver you
he’s aware of your trouble
he’s aware of your worries
he’s aware of your needs
but are you faithful?

Kiss Daniel Reportedly Signs Barry Jhay To Flyboy I.N.C


Over the weekend, Kiss Daniel was seen raving about a certain song titled ‘Aiye’, on his Instastory. Rumor has it that Kiss Daniel has signed Barry Jhay, the owner of the song, to his label, Flyboy I.N.C.
The name, Barry Jhay, was recently brought to the attention of the public when Kiss Daniel raved about his song on social media. In a video shared on his Instastory, Kiss Daniel was seen singing along to Barry Jhay’s inspirational song titled ‘Aiye.’ Speaking in Yoruba language, Kiss Daniel said the industry would marvel at Barry Jhay’s talent and it appears Kiss Daniel wants to see the new talent flourish under his tutelage at Flyboy I.N.C.

Although the report is still unconfirmed, the recent uploads of Barry Jhay on Instagram has fueled the speculation that indeed the singer has inked a deal with Kiss’ label. He has the Flyboy logo as his profile picture alongside other recent posts that suggests he is now an affiliate, if not an act under the Flyboy label.

See picture below.

What do you know about Jesus? (Prophet Favour O Igbinosa)


some call me Lord of Lord
King of King
Jehovah El shadai
but what do you call me?
What do you know about Jesus?

He said to peter i am the living soil,i am the light

You have to prepare yourself on how to handle things on your own

So many of us are putting hope on man,you can’t give what you don’t have

A man of God who is passing stress is being asked to pray for you
A confuse man can’t lead a confused man

This is the beginning of the month of april
What are you expecting?

People hate the truth
Pray for yourself while your prophet back you up in prayer
stop depending and putting your life in the hand of the prophet
Mark 16:16
He that believeth and he’s babtist shall be saved
but he that believeth not shall be down
They shall speak the new tongues

A new tongue is when a sister that use to complain is saying God has blessed me
that’s a new tongue
A brother in a deep problem who has been saved and lifted
that’s a new tongue

God expect Something positive to happen in your life
Begin to pray forth for success,blessing and always give praise

OLD Tongue
i use to be nobody
New Tongue
Am now mr Somebody
This is how i leave my life
Every morning i am expecting
From Glory to Glory
Don’t wait for the prophet
You have the power in you #believe
i am program to do exploit
the word of God said i am blessed i am not cursed

Bible said when peter was tepted by satan
Jesus said go thee behind me satan
What are you expecting
in church what are you learning?

i will take up all the deadly things and put it upon myself
said Jesus
He died for you to be able to defeat

Who said he can help you must be joking
All things worketh for good for those who #believe

Banky W Becomes Nigeria’s First UBER Brand Ambassador


Popular transport company, UBER, has signed Banky W as her brand ambassador. The singer recently shared the news via his Instagram page.
The hail-cab service brand signed Banky W on, as her first brand ambassador in Nigeria. The singer who is also an ambassador of brands like Ciroc, Samsung; expressed his excitement about the new deal in his Instagram post.

See his post below.

Falz Signs First Artiste To BahdGuys Entertainment


Falz has announced the signing of Sir Dauda to his record label, BahdGuys Entertainment. He made this announcement on Instagram.
Falz looks to establish himself as a label owner with the recent signing of Sir Dauda to BahdGuys Entertainment. The new signee who specializes in making alternative music, has been affiliated with the rapper and his label before signing the record deal. Sir Dauda featured prominently on Falz’s “27” album, on songs like “Confam” and “Boogie.” He would now be looking to establish himself as an artiste of substance, away from the shadow of Falz.

See the post below.


Canadian singer “The Weeknd” will be suing Nigerian singer “Wizkid” and any other artiste that tries to Trademark the name “Starboy”, TMZ reports.

According to The Weekend, he wants people to know that he is the real and only “Starboy” and his lawyers are ready to take on any ‘impostors’.

TMZ also reports that the Canadian singer’s lawyers filed documentation against Eymun Talasazan, a realtor. Talasazan filed to trademark “Starboy” for his own creative projects long after the release of The Weekend’s album and hit song of the same name.

According to TMZ, the musician’s legal team found Talasazan was up to other shady copyright business. He previously filed to trademark “Straight Outta Bombton” and “Runnin’ Through The 6.” Such details reveal one thing – he’s mostly likely in it for the money.

“Starboy” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart after spending eight consecutive weeks in the slot for number two, Billboard reports. Additionally, “Starboy” is the Weeknd’s third song to reach number one on the chart. It was Daft Punk’s first-ever time holding the number one slot on the chart.

Source – TMZ

Mavin Records’ DJ Big N Signs Multimillion Naira Deal With International Brand


Mavin Records signee, DJ Big N has signed a multi-million Naira deal with popular alcohol brand, Skyy Vodka, according to reports.
The news has been spreading across social media platforms and it is starting to excite a lot of Mavin Record fans who have been expressing their joy about the achievement of the ace DJ. The spread of the story is being fueled by a video showing the ace DJ speak of the brand in glowing terms.

Watch video below.

UPDATE! Runtown Could Be Arrested Over Fake Blackmail ‘Sex Tape’ – Eric Many


According to reports, Runtown could be arrested over the claim by his label that the singer sponsored the story of his rumored sex tape, to bring the image of Eric Many Records to disrepute.
An alleged chat between Eric Many Records owner, Prince Okwudili, and a popular PR agent named Kevin, had earlier gotten leaked on the internet. It was deduced from the leaked chat that Prince Okwudili threatened to deal with the rebellious singer by leaking his sex tape. This came after the label slammed a Federal High Court injunction on the singer, restraining him from performing and recording till he settles his debt.

However, the label has distanced itself from such action. In reaction to the widely circulated story, the label immediately issued a statement to refute being behind the story and went ahead to launch an investigation alongside investigative agencies.

According to a statement by Eric Many, ‘preliminary findings have revealed that the released sex tape and Whatsapp chat purportedly leaked by Runtown’s label is totally fake and a badly executed stunt by the artist himself. Investigations have led to the capture of a suspect (name withheld) who confessed to using a fake Instagram account to spread the false sex tape leak on Runtown’s request.’

‘We have maintained from the beginning of this saga that Eric Many has a verifiable court injunction against Runtown and we’ll not resort to blackmail or cheap social media stunts as we believe in the rule of law. Investigations are on-going as regards the leaked sex tape story and we’ll let the law take its full course’ the statement said.

In reaction to the story, Prince Okwudili Umenyiora, Chairman of Eric Many Records, stated that he would never comment on the Runtown issue openly as he remains the baby of the label company, and that “after every war comes peace.”

Eric Many General Manager Johnson Adumike also reacted to the development saying ‘Eric Many has been vindicated but we refuse to be drawn into media war with Runtown who the label made and will therefore not destroy.’

A former Eric Many staff who is closer to Runtown said, ‘Moreover, trying to use a sex tape to black mail Runtown is just like using a bottle of whisky to blackmail a drunk.’

“It Is Finished” – Don Jazzy Reacts To Linda Ikeja’s Engagement


Following the news that celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, got engaged, Don Jazzy has made a reaction on his Instagram page.
The two celebrated figures have been rumored to be dating until the news broke out that Linda Ikeji got engaged to another man. It appears Don Jazzy was only nursing the hope of having Linda Ikeji as his lover – a hope that has now been dashed with the news that she has gotten engaged.

Don Jazzy took to his Instagram page to show that he was left heartbroken by the news of Linda’s engagement.

See post below.

“Stop Deceiving Fans With Wizkid Collaboration, Come Clear Your Name” -Eric Many GM To Runtown


The legal battle between Runtown and his record label, Eric Many Records, is not over, according to reports.
The general manager of the label, Johnson Adumike has reacted to a post by Runtown on his Instagram stories hinting at a possible collaboration with Wizkid.

According to the report, Johnson was contacted to make clarifications on the legal action taken by the label against its artiste “Runtown,” after the singer posted some videos of his studio recordings on social media suggesting he is working on a new collaboration with Wizkid.

Johnson advised Runtown saying;

“Runtown, rather than deceiving your fans by teasing them with a collaboration which you do not have the legal right to release, what you should do is to get your lawyers to come up with legal documents to clear your name just like Kiss Daniel when he had a similar issue.

This is a way more matured approach than just throwing subliminals on social media.”

Johnson added that;

“Its baseless pretending to the public when you clearly signed the dotted lines and its only right to be reasonable and keep your end of the deal.

I Johnson Adumike will make sure that I inform the fans and followers of all proceedings and deliberations in court, so all interested parties can know current situation between Eric Many And Runtown at all times.

EXPOSED! Kiss Daniel Busted Over Fake Designer Wear


Only days after Davido‘s brother, aka Chairman HKN called out Nigerian artistes in the business of putting on fake designer wears, Kiss Daniel has been fingered as guilty.
Some days ago, Kiss Daniel shared a picture on Instagram showing off a necklace worth N14 million gifted to him by popular jeweler, Malivelihood. In the picture, Kiss Daniel was seen wearing a nice ‘Louis Vuitton’ designer sweat shirt which earned him compliments from his followers.

However, a meticulous fan spent time to ascertain the quality of the singer’s LV designer wear, only to discover that Kiss Daniel was rocking a fake. The US-based fashion police who operates under the handle “yeezybusta” exposed the singer on social media by sharing a zoomed-in version of the picture to reveal the variance of Kiss’ wear from the original LV designer wear. In his post, he wrote;

“bruh #busted”

See picture below.

5 Things to Do Today to Preserve Your Relationship … whether things are going great or feel stalled.


The decline of a relationship is an awful thing to experience. More often than not, it starts slowly, and we hardly notice the little ways we may be pulling back or growing apart. Eventually, negative dynamics emerge and persist for so long that we have trouble knowing where to start when it comes to repairing our connection.

When thinking about where things went wrong, it’s important to recognize that a lot of what ruins relationships has to do with us. Much of how we act is based on programming from our past and defenses (link is external) we’ve built that cause us to overreact, distort, or even provoke the people we feel closest to. Because the only person we can control or change in a relationship is ourselves, it’s almost always worth it to do what we can to develop ourselves before we throw in the towel on our partner.

When things get complicated with someone we love, sometimes the best thing to do is go back to the basics. We can start by setting aside that giant case we’ve been building against our partner and instead start fresh with simple acts of kindness, affection, and love. This doesn’t mean living in a fantasy or avoiding dealing with real issues, but it’s a means of reconnecting with warm, loving feelings we may have cast aside. It’s a quest to reignite what worked about the relationship, so that we and our partner can be on the same team and in a better place when it comes to dealing with our problems.

Here are five things that can help any couple turn the corner:

1. Express love in a way your partner would experience as loving.

This may not sound like a very specific or especially scientific suggestion, but so often we forget to attune to our partner and do the things we know make them feel loved. Particularly when there’s tension in the relationship, we tend to focus on what we’re getting (or not) over what we’re giving. We build a case against our partner, and as a defense, we withhold affection and resist being open and vulnerable.

The more distance created, the more ready we are to feel critical or to put our guard up. We start to live more inwardly, getting in our own heads, quantifying, judging or indulging in a tit-for-tat mentality about what our partner does and doesn’t do for us. The truth is, it feels really good to be loving. Studies (link is external)even show that people get more pleasure from giving than receiving. It’s important to pay attention to our partner and engage in kind actions that he or she would perceive as being cared for. For instance, getting flowers or going out to dinner may feel like major romantic gestures to us, but a partner may prefer taking some time to joke around or be affectionate. Try to offer something that you know will have unique value to them. Engaging in such loving acts actually makes us feel more in love (link is external).

2. Be affectionate.

Most couples wonder how they went from not being able to keep their hands off each other to rarely making physical contact. Unfortunately, society tends to justify this pattern, reinforcing the myth that long-term couples are unsuitable for “puppy love” or PDA. Such elimination of affection is a sad and slow progression that actually often starts when a couple transitions from being “you” and “me” into “we.” Of course, finding a connection with someone is thrilling and meaningful, but when you lose yourself and your separate identity in the mix, you pave a dangerous road. People feel most attracted to a partner when they see the person as someone separate from themselves, someone they are able to love, respect, and appreciate for their unique qualities.

When couples replace substance (real acts of love) with form (the practical roles of being in a relationship), they enter into a “fantasy bond (link is external).” This bond represents an illusion of connection that actually kills off passion and attraction. We can keep the spark alive by refusing to give up our own, natural desire to express love on a physical level. Hold hands, kiss in public, sit close on the couch, touch casually in passing, and you’ll be surprised to see the depths of desire and feelings of intimacy that arise.

3. Slow down.

We hear these two words all the time, but rarely live by them. For most of us, slowing down means plopping on the couch or zoning out to the TV the minute our chaotic to-do list is done. No matter how hectic our schedule, there are ways to take pause within our own minds and reconnect with ourselves throughout the day. Mindfulness (link is external)provides a way of checking in with ourselves, which is one of the essential aspects of interpersonal neurobiology expert Dr. Daniel Siegel’s “healthy mind platter (link is external).”

Mindfulness allows us to breathe and be present in the moment. In these times of reconnection, we are not only more in touch with ourselves, but we are better able to recognize and be attuned to our partner. We are more mindful of our actions toward them. We are also more aware of our feelings of desire and attraction.

When we are more present, we can make an effort to really connect, communicate, and make eye contact. Again, this may feel like a no-brainer, but in truth, looking each other in the eye is one of the things we forget to do on a daily basis. Just looking at our partner and really seeing him or her as a whole person, separate from ourselves, can further rekindle our empathy, interest and attraction.

4. Try something old.

As a relationship advances, it becomes all too easy to make excuses instead of making time for each other. When we do get together, we may do things out of a sense of form or obligation. Relationships tend to start fizzling out when we stop sharing the lively things we used to share with each other. Moreover, once things start to fizzle out, we become even less inclined to share these activities. This cycle forces even more distance between partners. We can challenge this by making a commitment to take part in activities we and our partner used to share and enjoy together. If we used to go on walks, we shouldn’t let a long workday dissuade us from stepping outside. Participating in activities that light us up, or that light our partner up, helps us stay close, while also feeling the most ourselves.

5. Try something new.

When people first get together, they often grow each other’s worlds, introducing each other to new people, places, interests, and activities. When we fall in love, we are in the state in which we feel the most open and alive. As our relationship progresses, especially if we replace real love with a fantasy bond, we may start to resist anything new. Especially as we get older, we can become more self-protective or further drawn to routine. We may start to feel more entitled to our partner or more jealous or possessive, and, therefore, put restrictions on each other. In effect, we start to limit or shrink each other’s worlds, rather than expanding them. We can keep love alive by continuing to be game to try new things. The more adventures we can create with each other in our day-to-day lives, the more awake we will feel to everything we experience, particularly intimacy and closeness.

What Can You Do?

In almost every relationship, there comes a time when we are challenged to the point of questioning whether to walk away. When I interviewed my friend Jim Gilligan, who has been married to his wife Carol for almost 50 years, he said, “You are not really married until you realize you can leave, and you don’t.” I encourage every couple I meet that has ever felt truly happy and alive with each other, who ever felt like the best version of themselves in their relationship, to stick in there and try to develop themselves. Otherwise, they are very likely to repeat the same patterns in yet another situation, perhaps one that isn’t even as meaningful or rewarding.

Relationships are a great place to work on ourselves. There is no harm in trying each of the above steps—you truly have nothing to lose. The worst-case scenario is that you will have grown your own capacity to be loving, vulnerable, passionate and lively. The best-case scenario? You and your partner grow closer and rekindle your loving feelings for each other.

EPISODE 4:The young believer


And so the young boy woke up at about 6:45am looking strong & healthy,playing on he’s grandma bed,meanwhile he’s grandma slept off while she was praying,she woke up seeing her grand son healthy,she was shocked and woke her daughter and sons up so they could see what she’s seeing,the young boy who they believe he’s dead is alive looking healthy
they woke up and ran away with shock,thinking that’s the boy spirit,the boy ran after them saying
Stega ben:why are you running from me?
Nosa:you suppose to be dead,last night you died,and now you’re talking to me,you don’t expect us not to run
Stega ben:what are you talking about?
Grandma:you gave up on me last night,i was suppose to get rid of your body,we all cried on your death
while they still running away from him,the neighbours,friends and other people who saw what happened last night was running and wondering,how come he’s he alive?until a prophet comes around,pour him some sands to see if the boy will disapear,but he didn’t,he told he’s grandma,this is the work of your prayer last night
Prophet:you were told to get rid of the body right?
Grandma: yes
Prophet:which you didn’t and decide to put it in prayer,your believe did work for you,so why you running from the miracle you’ve been asking and asking God for,you shouldn’t be surprise because God has indeed favoured you
And so he’s grandma wept and hugged him saying,thank you God for bringing back my son,alot of people were still wondering what happened,rumor has it that the woman is a witch,they were alot of stories concerning the resurrection of the boy,it was indeed a miracle,me writing the story was there,i still couldn’t believe my eyes,indeed there is God who answers prayer as long there is some1 who believe and pray
And so the family celebrated thanking God and giving testimony in church for what God did
The young boy also had faith that he don’t deserve death,if really there is God he should be able to answer my prayer and give him a chance to live,that miracle change the boy life forever.

NBC Bans Olamide, Davido, 9ice’s Songs


Less than 24 hours after the National Broadcasting Commission banned one of his recent songs, Wo, among others, from being played on the airwaves, popular rapper, Olamide Adedeji, has said that he never intended to cause harm to music fans with the song.
The rapper, popularly called Olamide, on Tuesday tweeted, “No intentions of promoting tobacco to get people killed. I love my people, I love my country. One love, one Nigeria.”

The NBC, on Tuesday, placed a ban on works by three of Nigeria’s top level music artistes for an alleged violation of its rules and regulations.

It named Olamide’s Wo and Wavy Level; a remix of Davido’s If and 9ice’s Living Things as the culprits in a current list of banned songs and music videos that it released to the public.

Although the commission did not give specific reasons for banning the songs, the decision may have been influenced by a recent reaction from the Federal Ministry of Health to the music video of Olamide’s new song.

Last Friday, in a message posted on Twitter, the ministry kicked against the video of Wo, released a few days ago and described the content as contravening the Tobacco Control Act of 2015.

The Ministry of Health also noted that the video contained scenes showing youths of different ages openly smoking substances believed to be either cigarettes or narcotics and concluded that such scenes could encourage second-hand smoking among underage children anywhere in the country.

However, this is the third time that the NBC has brought down its hammer on a popular song by Olamide.

The last time was 2016, when two other songs by the rapper were slammed for what the commission described as “obscene and indecent” lyrics.

Also, before the ban on 9ice’s Living Things, the song had been fingered as the subject of a statement by fellow rapper Falz, which urged Nigerian musicians in general to be mindful of the kind of messages that they passed to the public in their songs.

Falz had appeared to be genuinely concerned about the impact of such messages on the youth. He pointed out that artistes who saw nothing wrong about glorifying Internet fraud, drugs and other anti-social behaviour were not doing the society any good.

Source: Punch Newspaper

“Davido Bought Fame, Wizkid Earned It,” – Marenike Says (Do You Agree?)


UK based Nigerian singer, Morenike Olasode who goes by the stage name Marenikae has made a statement that may probably stir up another round of supremacy battle between Wizkid and Davido.

In an Interview with the Vanguard, she was quoted saying, Wizkid earned his status as a superstar artiste while Davido bought his way up in the music industry.

On Wizkid, She said:-

“Wizkid is an all-rounder because of his vibes; thanks to his learning and struggling years.

Struggle in the industry teaches you how to be a better artiste, it teaches you how to navigate in the business, how to improve, how to grow, it makes you more perceptive, more aware of what the market needs and I think this struggle shaped Wizkid’s career and drive”, she argued.

While speaking on how Davido bought his current stardom, she said:-

“Davido on the other hand grew in better circumstances and his career also snowballed in better circumstances but he’s also good.

There are some Davido’s songs I love more than Wizkid’s but if I have to pick one person, looking at Wizkid’s artistry, image, performance and history, I’ll pick Wizkid.

As far as image is concerned, Wizkid is very sophisticated.”

Now to all music lovers on Cokeboi, do you agree with the statement that;

Wizkid Earned His Fame But Davido Bought it?
Let’s have your take on this!

Its A Lie, D’Banj Did Not Sign Me – Legbegbe Crooner, Mr Real || WATCH


Legbegbe crooner, Mr. Real has revealed that he is not signed to D’Banj‘s C.R.E.A.M platform contrary to the stories being circulated.
Speaking with Goldmyne TV, the street pop sensation debunked the rumors about him being signed to ‘The C.R.E.A.M’ platform, an initiative of iconic singer, D’Banj. Mr. Real said he won a competition organised by the platform which qualified him for a sponsored video shoot. He explained that the merit led the organizers of the competition to sponsor the video of his hit song titled ‘Legbegbe.’

He acknowledged that the deal caused the people to speculate about his signing to the platform but he made it clear that there is no such deal. Although, he expressed his gratitude to D’Banj and his partners, he maintained that he remains unsigned to any label.

Watch video below.

PHOTO: Who Will You Give Your Seat To In This Bus & Why? (Honest Opinions Only)


So i came across this picture and i really felt it.

Imagine you are sitting in a bus and faced with these 4 people desperately in need of your seat

Who really deserve your seat and why?
Comment below

‘At 25, I Remain A Virgin’ – Big Brother Naija House Mate Cee-C Tells Nigerians


Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Cee-C, has continued to insist that she’s a virgin.

She said this during a game with Alex and fellow housemate, on Wednesday night.

Alex asked her, “Before you came into this house, when was the last time you had sex?”

Responding, Cee-C said, “Never. At 25 I had never.”

Surprised at her response, Alex said said, “Cee-C say the truth and shame the devil.”

Cee-C reiterated her earlier remark, “Never.”

Recall that Cee-C had few weeks ago declared that she had never had sex.

So You See, Never Judge A Book By Its Cover
Drop Your Comments If You Agree!

Check out the conversation between Simi & her Mum


The lovely mother-relationship shared between singer, Simi, and her mother, was again on display on social media recently.
Simi was recently seen exchanging banter with her mother on Instagram over a beautiful dress she had on in one of her uploaded pictures. Simi shared the adorable picture on her Instagram page for the viewing of her followers but her mother ‘s comment on the post suggests that she would rather have the dress to herself.

In the comment section, Simi’s mum wrote,

“Please bring this top for me. I want to use it to slay my husband.”

Simi who was recently in South Africa to perform at the BBNaija eviction show, responded with a playful response.

See picture below.

Simi Dragged On Twitter Over ‘Fat Tummy’ Display During BBNaija Performance


Singer, Simi who has become a regular victim of Fashion police raids on social media, was recently dragged on Twitter for displaying her ‘fat tummy’ during her performance at the BBNaija eviction night show.
The X3M music signee was again a subject in the hands of critics who trooped to Twitter to criticize her for putting her ‘fat tummy’ on display during her performance at the BBNaija eviction night show. Some of the commentators condemned Simi for her negligence that led to what was described as an “unattractive fat tummy” while some section of the critics said she should have at least been reasonable enough to put on a wear that would have concealed her body fat in the stomach section.

Simi however seems to have developed a thick skin to criticisms especially as regards her choice of fashion. The singer reacted to the criticisms with satiric posts on her social media platforms to show that she is unfazed by them. In one of her tweets she satirically said ‘Honestly, I’m just rehearsing for my pregnancy.”

See picture below.