Happy birthday to the CEO of Success Recruitment Agency & CBM movement

He wrote on FB:Washington Wealth Obasohan As i kept working on this journey called Life,so many people never believe the boy is gonna survive or make it either but fuck em cos they got no power to decide your destiny,hard work without Grace is like a car engine with no oil. This is the very day 8/6/1991 that Queenet Coker gave birth to a King 1st fruit CBM finest CEO>Cokeboi I told my dad that i will be rich before he’s age and told my mum i will be the handkerchief that wipes her Tears on my 12 years birthday. #believedat #cbm Please viewers around the world join us wish him happy birthday Age with 100% Grace sir Men will favor you in Jesus Name Amen


We the staff of Success Recruitment Agency and CBM movement wish our CEO Washington Wealth Obasohan (AKA) Cokeboi happy birthday


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