It’s now death for Kidnappers in Edo state

This kidnappers are coming from the deep end of Edo state ogba river with speed boat at night or daytime,they’ve gone rampage,kidnapping innocents women,men and kids and demand for a ransom They look your worth and demand for money If you’re rich they charge #500,000 as least price If you’re broke they collect 30,000 to 10,000 Please I need the commissioner of police and the Govt to attend to this issue before it get out of hands 5 kidnappers were killed by soldiers and 1 soldiers were killed And down the river there is a village they take their victims to A lot of kidnapping has been going on and it has got the attention of even Tony Kabaka himself who bought 5 bikes for vigilante to patrol And Kingsley Govt who got a patrol team in the hood. A lot of people are scared in living in their home because of this nuisances and it’s your duty as a commissioner of police and Edo state governments to keep the people safe. And please if you leave in this areas I mentioned be very careful till this mess is cleared up


Edo state is now a hot zone,kidnappers have taken over our small communities,kidnappers are kidnapping families at Ulemoh and Evwiovioba community.


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