Trending News:Qunnetamen Aisosa Orphanage care feeding the street of Lagos mainland to empower youth & kids.

Yesterday at the island I saw a friend talking about this & it sound interesting & encouraging,so I decided to go deep into the history of the orphanage,so here is my observation. This organization has been doing this without the social media knowing about it and i have seen were it was held in Ora Edo State this organization gave kids indomie a and share 5k for everyone who supported the movement,I thought maybe it’s a government project but to my greatest surprise it’s not,so this means that there are people out there who still think about others well being Please I’m using this media to reach y’all to support hope,love,peace and welcome this organization by supporting them as they begin going out to spread love and teach you more about life as the CEO himself Washington Wealth Obasohan (AKA) Cokeboi as he goes out there with the support of the founder Deaconess Queenet Coker & other organizations as they go out there feeding the street today 26/10/2019 at Agbara Lagos mainland,it’s not easy fighting your battles and also fighting for people,we all need love to push ourselves forward God bless you as you do support the movement


Qunnetamen Aisosa as taking responsibility behond there shoulders to empower the youth and kids in Nigeria


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