Understanding the Quiet time:fifteen powerful effect of a quiet time


    Powerful Effect of a Quiet time

    the reason people don’t have quiet time it’s because they don’t know the effect it has on them.

    Fifteen powerful effect of a Quiet time

    1.A daily quiet time prevent hurt and reduce pain in this life.
    much of this pain and hurt would have been avoided if we had use the light of life
    Jesus again spoke unto them,saying i am the light of the world
    he that followeth me shall not work in darkness,but shall have the light of life.
    John 8:12
    when a man grope about in darkness,he often hurt himself by bumping into unexpected object or unforseen object
    how painful it he’s to hit your shin against a table.the pains and hurt we experience in our lives are because
    we have not pick up the lamp of God
    Thy word is a lamp unto my feet ana a light unto my path.
    Psalm 132:17

          There will imake the horn of David to bud:i have ordained a lamp for my anointed.

    what is the lamp that God has specially prepared for his anointed ones?it is the word of God!

    The sorrow some experience in marriage has come because they do not use thje lamp of God to guide them into
    marriage.Many people pik up the lamp of God after they’ve been severely injured by the experience of life.
    A lamp is not intended to soothe your pain but prevent you from getting hurt,how much better a life we would have
    if w pick up the lamp on a daily basis,the lamp will keep you from the pain and injuries.

    It is only a quiet time that can provide you with constant illumination.if you live your life in darkness and
    only receive a little light on sunday,surely your life will not be the same as someone who live in constant
    illumination.Do you want constant illumination in your life?Begin to have a regular quiet time,you will reduce
    the sorrow of your life by using the true light that God has ordained for you,is the only light which can light
    the way of everyman on this earth.
    That was the true light,which lighteth everyman that comes into the world. John 1:9

    2.A daily quiet time guarantee a good harvest of nice things.

    This is because a daily quiet time is the sowing of spiritual seed into your spirit,the word of God is the
    greatest seed thast you plant into your heart when you have a quiet time.

           Now the parable is this:The seed is the word of God.                                   Luke 8:11
           Being born again,not of corruptible seed,but of incorruptible,by the word of God which liveth and
           obideth for ever.                                                                      1 peter 1:23

    Everytime you have a quiet time you are making an investment into your life.You sow the seed of the word of
    God and it will yield the fruit of love,peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
    Have you ever wondered why there is little or no love,peace and joy in your life?these fruit can only come as
    you sow a spiritual seed into your life

           For he that soweth to he's flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption;but he that soweth to the spirit
           reap life everlasting.

    Most Christian sow into the flesh. They invest in their flesh,they invest time.money to the development
    of their flesh and their earthly existence.others invrest seed of television,pleasure,sex,alcohol and drugs into
    their flesh.the harvest that comes from such things are horrific.

    Most pastor are pastoring sheep who live under the devastating effect of a massive harvest from the flesh.
    it’s our duty as pastors to lead the sheep to invest in their spirit on a daily basis.

    3.A daily quiet time burns away unwanted things.
    When this fire is received on daily basis,no evil will remain as part of your character

           Wherefore thus saith the Lord God of host,because ye speak this word,behold i 
           will make my words in their mouth fire,and whis people wood,and it shall devour them     Jeremiah 5:14

    Some things can only be removed by fire,thy word of God is a fire,a daily dose of that fire will take care of
    any unwantyed element in your personality or character.

    1. A daily quiet time breaks down evil strongholds.
      Because aquiet time lead to the breaking and burning of evil things in our lives,Christian who do not have
      quiet time often have bad Characters.The stronghold in most Christian’s live cannot be broken away by one powerful
      sermon.Anyone who do not have a quiet time has alot of things that need to be burnt and broken down. Is not my word like as a fire?saith the Lord;and like an hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces? Jeremiah 23:29 5.A daily quiet time lead to the cutting away of unwanted aspect of our lives and character.
      Once again you will see that Christian who just listen to sermon on Sundays but have no regular cutting away of
      evil tendencies are very different people from those who have regular quiet time. For the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any twoedge sword piercing even to the dividing assunder of souls and spirit and of the joint and marrow,and is a discerner of the thought and intent of the heart. Hebrew 4:12


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